Monday, August 16, 2010

The night in review

John - glad you are starting to feel normal again, you really shouldn't drink so much, I vote it was the chugging - there is an awesome shot of you in the act...Patrick - was that your idea, did you strong arm him with those big hands?? I know you did...Patrick - did you see how big your hand looks in that picture (POBLO is a lucky guy:))?? Heather and Brett - good move on getting out the wigs, luckily noone got too hurt, glad you didn't bring down the stilettos...I think the night went downhill from there...Brett - I saw some curly locks hanging out of Heather's purse....shhhh; Heather - I think you should be a blonde, you were rocking it and so glad that you were able to make it, had a blast with you, as always!; Steve - the videos of you in the wig were f*** hilarious! I could not stop laughing, I saw them yesterday and I keep having flashbacks...your moves won't leave my were all over the hair...I think you would look good in a mullet too, just sayin'; Jenn - so glad we FINALLY got to hang out, let's get together soon, please don't be scared though, I am not usually that loca and I only breakdance at private residences so I promise to be on my best behavior, and next time I am going to have to gear up before dancing b/c I slightly sprained my ankle - just a little bruising and today my wrists were a bit sore (John - maybe it was the tequila) oh, and you will be happy to know that I took the rest of my Red Bull home with me...don't think I didn't catch you drinking MY Red Bull straight from the refrigerator door without hands, such technique but not sly enough; POBLO - Didn't realize you are so it!; Darin - mi amigo extraordinaire, next time, I will pick you up so you can't leave, but in true Darin style, you left us with some great pictures of you and you even tried a different angle!!; Brett - your Martha Stewart shined - what an exceptional table setting, I mean the tulips made the perfect touch:); Jerry - thanks for the cooking advice, and the lobster was cooked perfecto, you were the host with the mostess as always- were you ever in a band b/c you are so natural on the microphone?; Jason and Carlos - it was great meeting you both and your eggplant dish, I have to say, was the best dish of the entire night, sorry everyone time, we will talk more, not sure where the night went...What a great time had by ALL!!!

I think that we should make a shot of tequila in the beginning of our dinner a mandatory tradition - hosts responsible for a chilled bottle of Patron, limes and protein, what do y'all think?)

All of the food was absolutely delicious and I finished every bite on my plate! Brett and Jerry - so glad we popped open the Cakebread and were able to share on such a historical night!

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